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Top Kitchen Art in Budapest

The Best Places to Have Lunch or Dinner

Get the best meals in Budapest! Here is our Restaurant Guide.

Top Kitchen Art in Budapest

Luxury sport cars

Drive your dream cars! Ferrari California, Lamborghini Huracán, Ferrari F-430 Spider, Maserati GranTurismo S, Ferrari 458 Italia are waiting for you!

Top Kitchen Art in Budapest

Learn to fly…

…without gears in a wind tunnel. Experience the unexplainable under totally safe condition, with the help of experts!

Have a city sight from a motorboat

Motorboat trips

Explore the beauty of the city from a speedy motorboat.

The best Golf Clubs in Budapest and Pest County

Play Golf

Hit the balls in the Buda hills.

Ride a horse

Horses, champions and much more

If you think you can only watch horse shows in an Equestrian Park – think again, especially if it goes about the Farm of Lazar Brothers!

Car Adventures

Smaller sizes, real races

Feel the excitement of Formula One in a smaller version! Real races, expectable danger and lot of fun. Try out the professional Kart Center on Hungaroring!

Boot Camps

Boot camps

All kind of military training. Feel the hard side of life, at least for a couple of days 🙂

Nightmare in Budapest – Interactive theater

Nightmare in Budapest

Be part of an interactive theater. But make sure you don’t forget: it’s not real…

Sail on the lake of Balaton

Sail on lake Balaton

Feel the waves of the Hungarian Sea on a luxurious sailboat.