Boot Camps

All kinds of military adventures


Military ground training

1. Basic military training, survival, gunnery

After a preliminary training and practice participants can try the best-known survival tricks and practices, tactical tools, weapons and their proper use on enemy-occupied territory.

2a. Off-road driving

Participants carry out driving tasks of primary and secondary levels of complexity on a military or civilian-looking 4×4 jeep.
The series of tasks can also be carried out in groups or in contest with each other against time and track.

– or –

2b. Rock-climbing training

During this task bouldering and cliff-climbing must be implemented with a military approach after basic preparation. (eg.: handling equipment on the cliff, etc.) The wall is up to 25 meters high with routes of IV-VII/a difficulty levels.

Aquatic military training

1. Diving training and underwater tasks:

The dive is preceded by water safety exercises, equipment-demonstration and drills with equipment.
Participants who already have diving experience receive extra tasks.
During the dive the participant, coupled with the diving instructor, must carry out underwater tasks/obstacle course tasks. (moving objects, ballooning, etc.)
During the day military water-crossing methods will be demonstrated and acquired.



Military air training

1a. Military air drop (parachute jump)

The drop is done after theoretical preparation under the supervision of tandem instructors.
It is the implementation itself that matters.  The event includes an exciting land preparation, equipment test, trenaging (motor show) and a tandem jump.
Each jump is accompanied with a hand-held camera. The task will be executed over enemy territory, so the precise finish is vital.

– or –

1b. Military flying-and air navigation task

Participants will perform small aircraft navigation tasks as “aerial reconnoitring officers”  in the airfield on the route mapped  by the “headquarters.”
The task is to get from one point to the other on the route without errors by “navigating” the pilot.
There is a basic military map-reading and navigation preparation prior to the program.

Night trainings

1. Standard Night Training

After preliminary instruction and dry practice participants can try  the best-known nightly survival tricks, practices, tactic tools and their proper use.
During the program a night march will be implemented.
The participant’s task is to carry out night reconnaissance missions and orientation tasks, to approach the enemy undetected and to obtain information.

2. Night Veterans Program

At the end of the day the participant is treated to a traditional Hungarian farm dinner in the company of the military trainers. During the meal the trainers talk about their secret duties in their domestic and foreign missions and revive their favorite and most illuminating stories of survival.

The program includes accommodation as well at a 4-or 5-star hotel.


Our offer includes the following:

  • welcoming the client at the agreed meeting point
  • transport between the scenes of the selected programs as far as the original meeting point.
  • food and drink for the participant during the programme.

The price offer applies to 6-8 hour daily programs.

Our offer does not include:

  • The terrestrial, aquatic and aerial training programs do not include the night packages. The night programs must be ordered separately.
  • None of the above-mentioned programs include accommodation (Except for the Night Veterans program).
  • Life and accident insurance for the client.