Budapest's Culinary Art

Our selection of the top restaurants of the city

Budapest is not only famous for its marvellous sights and hot parties but also for its gastronomy. Traditional Hungarian cuisine has always been beloved for its strong flavors and rich variety of unique dishes. This abundance is the result of our “busy” history: the ancient Asian cookery was brought in the Carpathian Basin by the first conquering Hungarian riders and has been mixed with German, Italian, Slavic and Turkish tastes over the centuries. This in itself is quite exciting, but since the end of the socialist era the Hungarian gastronomy has gone through an astonishing development. As the “Budapesters” are always open to modern things and fresh creations, the creative chefs of the city have started redesigning our old flavours and trying out international specialities. Fortunately we did not have to wait long for success: Budapest has five Michelin-star restaurants already (Costes was awarded in 2010 first!) and ViaMichelin recommends 30 more restaurants.

We – as your Budapest Guyde – also have our recommendation. We have tested all of our partners and their expertise and service are outstanding. Here they are:

Rent a Jet Service

Tastes from “Heaven”

Restaurant Melba

Elegant, future driven interior; magnificent view of the river Danube; international food creations and domestic specialties; carefully selected wines and great cocktails…