Learn to fly without gears

Experience the unexplainable in a fly tunnel

There is practically no human being who has never dreamed of flying like a bird. Mankind have always wanted to fly, and the Wright brothers were the ones to first acheive this dream. They were the ones that first created a maneuverable, powered, heavier than air aircraft. Since then, technology has improved a lot, and nowadays we are able to fly our mere bodies, and we are able to float with the help of the air blowing upwards in a closed system. SKYWARD wind tunnel is the first closed, air-circulating freefall simulator in Hungary, that gives you the opportunity to try this unforgettable experience!

How it works?

After your arrival you are going to attend  a 10 minute classroom session. Here you learn how to stay stable in the air, how to do turns, how to fall slower and faster, and what you have to be careful with when flying. Once you have learned everything you need to know, it’s time to put on jumpsuits!

Dress casually, have tennis shoes or sneakers with you. We will give you jumpsuit, helmet and goggles. After all this we will do a little warm up. And then… we are headed for the actual flight chamber!

The happiness during and after the flight is undeniable. „This is the greatest gift, because the laughter and the smiles are our reward day by day…” – as the Team of Skyward said!