Taste the particular world of molecular cocktails

Should you wish not to start the night in a club, but prepare yourself in a pleasant place and drink cocktails mixed from rare and special drinks, the WarmUp Cocktail Bar is the right choice! This place has a minimalist but elegant atmosphere. In the middle there is a counter, where the cocktails are made. You can choose your drink from the drink card but it is the “tailor made cocktails” that show the greatest strength of the bar. And let us introduce a new term to you: “molecular mixology”. Unfortunately, we cannot explain what it is exactly: you have to visit this place to experience it. But if you want to understand the knowledge behind it, the mixers offers mini courses and presentations, so you can be one of the few who can molecularly mix their drinks! 🙂

The term “tailor made cocktails” expresses not only the way they mix the drinks together, but also the ingredients. The WarmUp Cocktail Bar offers a wide range of the highest quality alcohols that you can hardly find in other places. Luxardo, Brokers, Dictador, Germana, Martin Millers, Monkey 47, Hendrick Gin, Caorunn, Reposado, Matusalem etc… if you have ever heard about these names you already know that you must visit this bar. But even if you have not, the bartender’s professionalism guarantees your satisfaction. Just tell the “mixologist” what you like and dislike and he’ll make you a delicious cocktail.

Highest quality cocktail ingredients: Luxardo and Broker's Gin
Highest quality cocktail ingredients: Dictador Rum
Highest quality cocktail ingredients: Martin Miller's Gin
Highest quality cocktail ingredients: Reposado Tequila
Eatable cocktails

And if you still do not have enough of the specialities, here you can find cocktails you can eat… they are also molecular or whatever. Anyway, all ingredients are fresh – no syrups, etc. – and you can eat them too! This is the experience that a real Budapest Guyder desires 🙂