Private Villas

Rent a private villa and do anything you want

Villa Venus

Villa Bacio

This 3-storey villa really provides all you need to have a great partytime with your friends! Dancefloor with professional equipment, beautiful lights, exclusive interior – all is there! Plus – of course – a big pool, sauna and jacuzzis. There are large soft surfaces, where you can sleep or have fun together even with 6-8 people. Full service (catering, hostesses, shows etc.) is available with us as usual 🙂 .

Villa Aphrodite

Villa Bacio
It is a 340 sqm house in a quiet neighborhood – but it doesn’t mean that you have to be silent too! It is exactly the opposite: this private villa is equipped with a high class audio system and superior light technology! There is UV Light, moving heads, DJ equipment, a dance floor – and even a video projector, so you can have a karaoke party, too! The erotic atmosphere is supported by naked female statues everywhere and you can have a drink in a grandiose bar. And if it becomes somewhat too hot for you, go to the 8-person jacuzzi and relax yourself and your company! Or, if you are a cold-blooded gentleman, go to the sauna – it is there for you, too. Of course with us you can also get full service (catering, hostesses, shows etc.).

Villa Eros

Eros Villa
It’s a villa dedicated to erotic games. On 300 sqm you can find everything you need: a pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, rooms with different themes: a mirror room, a BDSM room etc. There is a drink bar and a dining room. Full service (catering, hostesses, shows etc.) is available.

Villa Bacio

Villa Bacio
600 sqm, 3 floors – in Villa Bacio you can feel home. Pool, jacuzzi, pool tables in its own bar. The villa is in a quiet area – but it doesn’t mean you have to be quiet too 🙂 Full service (catering, hostesses, shows etc.) is available.