Party up, (Budapest) Guys!

Party up, (Budapest) Guys!

Party up, (Budapest) Guys!

What??? Guys???

Let me start with an apology: of course I do know that you are not a guy anymore. What’s more, you are likely a real man, who knows what he wants and who is very successful in his business area. These properties are surely not the characteristics of a guy!

Why do I still use this word?  Well, I even have two reasons…

First, if you are reading this you are still young at heart. You hate being bored. You want to enjoy your life day and night, experience exciting new adventures, meet beautiful chicks and interesting men. You are starving for this kind of lifestyle. Yes, you still burn the candle at both ends. You’ve remained a guy in your soul.

Second, you are going to visit Budapest, this incredible city with unlimited opportunities to have stirring masculine programs during the day and to enjoy crazy parties at night. This time will be certainly dissimilar to the traditional family-holiday with two kids 😀 You probably come without your wife or girlfriend (surely you can bring her, too if she likes these manly programs, but usually this is not the case) but with your best friends – just when you were a young guy…

But the fact that you are a youngish man doesn’t mean that you do not have high standards! Budapest offers thousands of opportunities but you do not want to spend your precious time testing all… 🙂 You want only the best! So you need a GUYDE, a really-not-traditional guide with extraordinary knowledge to organize your stay in Budapest and guide you when you are here.

And yes, we are that: your Budapest Guyde.

After this a bit long introductory let me start our imaginary ribbon-cutting ceremony and welcome to our brand new home page. There are still some black spots on it but we are expanding the content continuously. In order not to miss any gripping opportunities, use an automation below to keep in touch with us:


Enjoy your browsing! Read about the thrilling adventures and hot parties we offer. If you have any question or if the shapes of your next holiday is starting to shape in your mind… well, then do not hesitate to contact us. There is also some special information that we cannot publish here. Again, call us or write to us!

Thank you very much for visiting us. We hope to meet you soon on your Budapest Party Holiday!

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